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Microsoft is Betting Big on Power BI Platform

It seems Microsoft finally understands the power of data analytics and visualization, investing big dollars to transform Power BI from a underdog to a winner within a matter of one year.

Even as late as the beginning of 2016, Power BI didn't seem to have a path to victory against the big players in the industry who's been dominating for many many years.  Just to name a few, we have SAP, Oracle, Cognos, IBM and rapidly growing companies like Tableau and Tibco who offers a whole suite of products in this field.

At the moment, Power BI does not seem to have full range of solutions for large enterprises, but I believe that will change in a short order.

Microsoft is currently offering free service for individuals with limited functionality, but enough for you to develop and test.  This is a huge plus compared to other big players where you don't get to play unless you or your company pay big bucks up front.

Following is what's included in the Individual Power BI service
  • Connect to cloud sources
  • Simple dashboard sharing
  • 1GB per user data capacity
  • Daily scheduled data refresh
  • 10K rows per hour streaming data

What's shocking is that the Pro Service only cost $9.99/user/month!!  That's a small fraction of what the competitors charge.  The Power BI Pro service includes:
  • 10GB per user data capacity
  • Hourly scheduled data refresh
  • 1M rows per hour stream data
  • Connect to live data sources with full interactivity
  • Collaborate with our team using Office 365 Groups
  • Manage access and sharing through Active Directory
  • Shared data queries through Data Catalog

To top it off, Power BI Pro is completely FREE for all non-profit organizations.

Do you want to give it a shot?  Here is the link: Power BI Homepage
Also, check out up-to-date schedule for upcoming Power BI Webinar
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