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Importance of Data Backup for Your Business Continuity

When you own, manage, or run a business there are a few things you can count on, but there are also things that could happen and are beyond your control. These things include employees making errors, crashing computer systems, data loss and disasters happening when you least expect them. The one thing that you could be prepared for is data loss.  The only way to be prepared for this is to have your data backed up by using separate drives or an offsite server. This way, you have a protection against data loss in case any of the above happens. There are many reasons why it is important to backup your data and the different types of data backup, which we will go through below.

Figure Out Your Backup Type

What type of data backup will work for your business? Online servers are a good option because they are simple to set up and you will not have to spend money on setting up your own servers in your business. This is especially helpful for small businesses. Furthermore, you will not have to maintain servers inside of your business and online backup options usually come with guarantees and customer service in case you have any questions.

The downside to online backups is people worry about their data being hacked or breached. Hacked and breached data can happen to both large and small businesses, so no one is exempted. Yet, when it comes to restoring your data this process is simple because all are stored offsite and can easily be put back into your system.

A different type of backup is storage devices that are kept onsite in your office premises. These come in the form of terabyte drives and are plugged into your computer to backup your data. There are varying volumes so you can find the amount of storage you need for your files. The downside to this type of backup is you need to do it on a regular basis and manually. If you forget and experience a data loss, then that data cannot be recovered. There is also the possibility of the device becoming corrupt or damaged over time.


Think About Time

Another thing to consider when considering the importance of backing up data for your business is time. How much time will it take for you to recover your data and get your business up and running again? This can have a big effect on your company. If it takes too long, you may lose customers or be vulnerable to lawsuits. Over time, people may lose faith in your business if that happens too often. This can cost you lots of money and productivity time, so it is best to have a plan in place.

When you restore the data you need to keep your business running, you are less likely to lose money as well. The faster you can get up and running the faster you will be able to resume business as normal. Data losses and breaches cost businesses millions of dollars, and can even put some companies out of business. This is why it is so important to backup your data and have a smooth recovery option.

Customer Peace of Mind

In a word that data breaches and hacks are made publicly known, your customers want to make sure their information will be safe with you. Giving your customers peace of mind that their information is as secure as possible will build confidence with your business. The more confidence a customer has with you, the more likely they are to recommend you to a friend or another company they work with. Furthermore, the more confidence they have the more likely they will continue to do business with you.


Data loss can happen to all types of business and for many different reasons. To set yourself apart, you need to be prepared by having a data backup plan. This way, in case of a data loss, you can restore it quickly and minimize downtime. By being prepared, your losses will be cut and your customers will have peace of mind when working with you. Find the right data backup option that is right for your business.
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Ken Wilson is a Tech Guru and Security Specialist at ThePCDoctor – Australia’s Number 1 Computer Support company.
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