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5 Things A Product Manager Should Never Do

The role of a product manager is one that is never boring. Every second is efficiently used dealing with one of the very many tasks involving various teams within the company. To say that the job is a very exciting and challenging one is an understatement, which can sometimes be too overwhelming even for someone who has superhuman-like qualities.

To help product managers maintain their focus and ensure that they are always on the right track, here are five important reminders of things they should avoid at all times:

Never Panic

There will be times when things will just happen all at the same time and the urge to panic is just too appealing, but never allow yourself to fall into this trap. One asset of product managers is their ability to multi-task and the other is to prioritize. Just take deep breath then assess the matters at hand. Which one is urgent and important? If more than one issue falls into this category, rank them according to urgency and act on the one that’s on top of the list first, working on one issue at a time. Enlist the help of your teams if possible. Remember, you are not alone in this!

Never Treat Your Team Like Robots

Teams work best when they work towards a common goal, and this is made possible by communicating to them the reasons behind the directions of the company, how the product will be affecting the set goals and objectives, and how the customers will benefit. Give them a reason to want to be part of the process and not just mechanically follow your instructions. This way, your passion towards your product rubs off on them.

Never Try to Impress Stakeholders with Tech Jargon

When speaking with management and stakeholders, simply using highly technical terms will not make you win their approval. Instead, make use of reporting tools to give them a good visual presentation of how your product will affect the business and help it achieve its objectives, for the company and the customer. Attending a product management training helps to improve your understanding of your role within the company and to present your plans in connection to the overall direction of the business.


Never Let Sales Dictate the Roadmap

At the end of the day, the sales team will do whatever it takes to drive revenue because that is their role in the company. If you want to create a good product, do your market research and include your customers in the loop. Data will be very helpful to get a good grasp of what works and what does not.

Never Ignore the Customer

In your line of work, it is impossible to come up with a great product without listening to the feedback and suggestions of your customers. Make it a point to regularly talk to customers and gain valuable insights as to what current features they like about the product, how they use it, what they think should be added or changed, and if they have used the competitor’s product and what they can say about theirs and yours.

So, there you have it. Keep these things in mind and lead your teams towards the creation of a successful product.
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