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PMP Cheat Sheet - Updated for PMBOK V5

Passing PMP exam requires a great understanding of the concept and definitions outlined in PMBOK which is not something you can achieve in a few days or weeks.  However, there is a list of formulas and definitions you must know in order to pass the exam.

So what is the best way to force this information into your permanent memory?  It is to repeat and overlearn the material until you get sick of it.

There are many cheat sheets out there on the Internet with outdated information, so it's important to get the one updated for PMBOK 5th edition.  If you don't want to risk studying with an older version, purchasing one would be an ideal solution.

Summary of changes for PMBOK 5th edition:

  • 5 new processes have been added (going from 42 to 47 Processes)
  • Definition of a Project Management Office (PMO) expanded.
  • Project life cycles expanded.
  • Direct and Manage Project Execution' changed to 'Direct and Manage Project Work'
  • addition of 'Plan Scope Management process'
  • 'Verify Scope' changed to 'Validate Scope'
  • Addition of 'Plan Schedule Management'
  • Addition of 'Plan Cost Management'
  • 'Plan Quality' changed to 'Plan Quality Management'
  • 'Perform Quality Control' changed to 'Control Quality'
  • 'Develop Human Resource Plan' changed to 'Plan Human Resource Management'
  • 'Monitor and Control Risks' changed to 'Control Risks'
  • 'Plan Procurements' changed to 'Plan Procurement Management'
  • 'Administer Procurements' changed to 'Control Procurements'
  • Addition of 'Plan Stakeholder Management'
  • 'Manage Stakeholder Expectations' changed to 'Manage Stakeholder Engagement'
  • Addition of 'Control Stakeholders Engagement'
  • 'Work performance measurement' changed to 'Work performance data'
  • 'Positive Risks' changed to 'opportunity'
  • PMBOK 5th Edition has now 248 pages minus the glossary.

There are many version of so called quick reference guide or success guide with great reviews.  Some are created better than others with easy to read layout and color scheme.

Following is a list of best reviewed quick reference guide (cheat sheets)

1. 8 Pages Quick Reference Guide - PMP Certification Exam Prep
2. PMP® Exam Success Sheet
3. The PMP Exam: Quick Reference Guide, Fifth Edition (Test Prep series)

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