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Windows 10 to Support the Next Generation Biometric

Say goodbye to password.  Well, at least for the users of upcoming Windows 10.

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 would support the next version of the Fast Identification Online (FIDO) spec, allowing devices to work with an array of third-party biometric scanner.

FIDO which has already evolved to version 2.0 is designed to entirely replace passwords, moving towards faster and more localized authentication methods.  The biometric scan can be complemented with a key fob for a two-factor authentication.

So how is FIDO different with all that fingerprint scanners - including the ones integrated in smartphones - currently available in the market?

The primary difference with FIDO is that it’s an open standard.  Like Android OS, any company can implement it into their products or services. It also allows easy integration with any FIDO-supporting service, as opposed to the all sorts of fingerprint scanning security mechanisms and protocols we have today.
This will make authentication into Windows as well as 3rd party systems such as banking website so much easier and safer at the same time.  You know how many people use passwords like "password" or "Password1!" if they are asked use mixed case, special character and a number.

The problem for many IT professionals today is management of ever growing list of passwords.  I probably have to remember more than 10 passwords on regular basis and there are 100 others that I keep in some sort of password management software. Hopefully, we will see this technology hit the market in the near future.

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