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Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn

A high demand for certain programming language does not change overnight nor in a course of couple years.  It's great for those who was to be a programmer or a developer to feel comfortable about the time invested in learning a programming language.

The trends for popular programming languages has been set and been stable for at least 10 years of so.  Another interesting fact about these popular programming languages is that they all have the same heritage - "C" which is the king of all modern programming languages in my opinion.

1. Java

Java or some variant of Java programming language rules and dominates the market share.  If you are highly competent with Java, your career will be put on a fast track.  I remember very clearly how Java's future was shaky at best when SUN first introduced it.

The company had to compete with the tech giant, Microsoft who try to crush Java's adoption with its own version of Java called J++.

There is no turning back for Java as it became the standard language for all sorts of software systems as well as hardware and devices that require portable OS.

2. C

C programming language is definitely not for novice.  It is not that easy to advanced level C programmer consequently.  That being said, if one can master C language, he/she won't have any difficulty learning every other languages in this list in a heartbeat.

Today C is still used widely for embedded system, high-end games, graphic engines, kernels, and not to mention operating systems and even Java is written in C.

3. C++

The demand for C++ programmers remain strong even though it has been declining in recent years. Some of the old system written in C is also being converted to C++ which is kind of enhanced version of C.

Generally, C++ is a little harder to learn than Java, and learning it will pave a way to become a great programmer.

However, you should seriously consider getting into C++ if you are new to the field.

4. Python

Python is the one of the easiest programming language to learn.  If you are new to programming or not sure if you want to be commit to programming career, try Python first.  Jobs demanding Python programming skill have been growing at an incredible pace, and does not show any sign of slowdown.

You will be surprise to find that some of the highest profile websites are actually written in Python.

5. C#

If you work or plan to work as a developer in Microsoft ecosystem, C# is the clear choice of language.  First of all, almost every product made by Microsoft uses C# or supports it natively.
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