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The Future is Here! Tomato Feeding Robot

Japan has some of the most innovative folks developing new generation of robot and humanoid.  I have heard of ultra-realistic female robots that can read newspapers for you and capable of some interesting conversation.

Recently, there was a news about nursing robots that are under development in Japan as well.  It's all focused on practicality and how these intelligent machines can help us with our daily life.

Then here comes tomato feeding robot called "Tomatan".  It needs to be carried on your shoulder to do one very specific task - feed you tomatoes.

It's built by Kagome (Heinz of Japan) in an attempt to make tomatoes the fad food of the 2015 Tokyo Marathon.  However, this robot is not for amateur runners as it weight in at 18 lbs.

Capable of holding only six tomatoes at a time, Tomatan will ensure that the tomato is dispensed with proper timing.  It seems Kagome has already accomplished its goal in the marketing fronts with all the attention its getting through social media.

Tomatoes hold a lot of nutrition that are capable of combating fatigue. Ultimately, it could a better source of liquid than plain water.

Shigenori Suzuki, an employee for Kagome, will run this weekend at the Tokyo Marathon, wearing the tomato dispensing robot on his back.  There is no doubt he will make quite a scene at the event. Let's see how Tomatan can improve this finish time. :)

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