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Telecommuting Trends - Is It Getting Traction?

Are you currently telecommuting on regular basis in your current job?  There used to be a lot of talks at the turn of century on how companies will be allowing employee to telecommute in a near future.

Well, I have not seen that change taking a place, at least not at a noticeable level.  Most for profit companies consider it as a perk, and typically allow a day or two each week as a telecommute work day.

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In most of metropolitan areas in the U.S., commuting is becoming almost brutal.  Take a look at the interactive map showing average commute time across the country.  The national average now stands at 25.4 minutes.  However, the variance between rural and metro area is huge.

My daily commute is more like 1 hr and 40 minutes and that's not unusual where I live (DC Metro). Researching on news and latest stats on whether telecommuting is on the rise resulted a mixed bag of outcome.

It seem that the number of teleworkers has been growing but at a very slow pace in the last 5 years or so.
One recent study found that the government employees are the biggest beneficiary of telecommute perk, but not by far.

  • Federal employees =3.3%
  • Private sector non-for profit employers = 2.9%
  • Private sector for-profit employers = 2.6%
  • State government workers = 2.4%
  • Local government workers = 1.2%
If you look across all organization sectors, we are talking about 2.6% of total work force telecommute at least half of their work week.  

New York Times reported on its article:
Jennifer Glass, a professor of sociology at the University of Texas, Austin, who has studied teleworking for two decades, said her research shows that much of what managers and professionals call telecommuting occurs after a 40-hour week spent in the office. These people check email, return calls and write reports from home, but in the evenings and weekends.
Well, working overtime from home is not that much of perk, isn't it?
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