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Is IT Job Outsourcing and H1B Visa Out of Control?

So what is the common factor between IT outsourcing and H1B visa?  They both cause serous consequences for many qualified IT professional at home.

The problem of outsourcing especially for the tech industry seem similar to airline ticket problem.  It has tendency to rise up quickly but does not fall down.  We have all seen how quickly the airline ticket price spiked up when the oil price went up.  Now, that the oil price is at historically low price point, but the airline companies do not seem to notice that.

There is no doubt that the companies do enjoy great benefits form outsourcing parts of their operations to overseas.  Otherwise, they would cancel the contract at the early opportunity. But for workers and consumers in U.S., outsourcing creates a multitude of problems.

Outsourcing really took off in a big way in the 90's, led by large U.S. corporations with global operations, then it spread out to IT companies when they were faced with critical shortages in qualified IT professionals.  The good news is that the outsourcing has been decreasing in recently years.

Then what about H1B visa program? Today, a huge number of qualified IT professionals are still out of a job, and U.S. government issues H1B visa to 85,000 foreign workers.  Additionally 175,000 petitions were received for those unlucky ones who didn't win a H1B visa lottery.

The numbers presented on Wikipedia will give you some idea on how many professionals are brought into U.S. over the years:
  • In FY2008, a total of 276,252 visa applications (109,335 initial, 166,917 renewals and extensions) were approved, and 130,183 new initial visas were issued through consular offices.
  • In FY2009, 214,271 visas were approved, with 86,300 being for initial employment, and 127,971 being for continued employment)[25] and 110,988 initial H-1B visas were issued from consular offices.
  • In FY2010, 192,990 new visas were approved, with 76,627 being for initial employment and 116,363 being for continuing employment. 117,828 new visas were issued through consular offices
  • In FY2011, 269,653 new visas were approved, with 106,445 being for initial employment and 163,208 being for continued employment. 129,552 new visas were issued through consular offices.
  • In FY2012, 262,569 new visas were approved with 136,890 being for initial employment and 125,679 being for continued employment.
[post_ad] The holders of H1B visa can stay and work in the country for up to six years, but there are other ways they can extend their stay.

So how many people are working in U.S.  No one knows.  Government agencies responsible for issuing H1B visa and greedy corporations demanding high cap for the program only talk about newly issued H1B in each year.

If you Google it, you will believe what I say here.  There isn't a single agency tracking the population of H1B visa holders.  I have compared estimates or guesstimates done by various organizations, and that number is close to 1 MILLION!!

So do you think government should put some control and pressure to lower IT outsourcing and H1B visa cap?
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