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Is Big Data and Data Warehouse Jobs for You?

Did you know that demand for IT professionals with big data expertise almost doubled in 2014?

Further breakdown by job function shows that there was a 123.60% jump in demand for Information Technology Project Managers with big data expertise, and an 89.8% increase for Computer Systems Analysts. The following table provides an overview of the distribution of open positions by occupation and the percentage growth in job demand over time.

The potential use of Big Data is limitless and almost all companies can benefit from it.  Large corporations has been taking full advantage of such system for years, and now small to medium sized companies are joining the race.

Big Data, which use computers to gather and crunch all kinds of unstructured or scattered information to make sense out of it. Often times the expected outcome is some form of prediction that can provide the company with a competitive edge or asses how their current operations such as marketing campaign has been effective.

In one example, it allows the companies to learn more about their customers in a whole new way.  Then the information can be utilized to better its products and services.

For some companies like Netflix and Uber, Big Data means survival of their business.  Without knowing what customers or potential customers want, they will loose out to competitors that do.
If you are thinking about a career change or new to IT field, you should do more research on Big Data jobs coming in big waves.

The median salary for professionals with big data expertise is $103,000 a year. The data include job positions such as Big Data Solution Architect, Linux Systems and Big Data Engineer, Big Data Platform Engineer, and Lead Software Engineer.

If you are in a city or metro area, the pay could be significantly higher.  It looks like it's time to go take some classes and get certification on Big Data, especially if you are a seasoned IT pro with other expertise and certifications.

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