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How to Prepare for Telecommuting

Now, before asking your boss about telecommuting, it's important to prepare your home office and check for readiness.  Most employers ask you to sign a contract nowadays which contains a variation of checklist.

Such a checklist is beneficial for both the employee and the company in my opinion.  It is hard to be productive when you don't have proper work space with appropriate equipment.

Here is one extensive list of checklist items that may be on your company telecommute agreement.
  1. Does the space seem properly ventilated?
  2. Is the space reasonably quiet?
  3. The work area is adequately illuminated with lighting directed toward the side or behind the line of vision, not in front or above it.
  4. Are all stairs with 4 or more steps equipped with handrails?
  5. Are all circuit breakers and/or fuses in the electrical panel labeled as to intended service?
  6. Do circuit breakers clearly indicate if they are in open or closed position?
  7. Surge protectors are used for computers, fax machines, and printers.
  8. Is all electrical equipment free of recognized hazards that would cause physical harm (frayed wires, bare conductors, loose wires, flexible wires running through walls, exposed wires fixed to the ceiling)?
  9. Are electrical outlets properly grounded (3 pronged)?
  10. Are aisles, doorways, and corners free of obstructions to permit visibility and movement?
  11. Are file cabinets and storage closets arranged so drawers and doors do not open into walkways?
  12. Do chairs appear sturdy and comfortable for extended period of sitting?
  13. Is the space crowded with furniture?
  14. Are the phone lines, electrical cords, and extension wires secured under a desk or alongside a baseboard?
  15. Is the office space neat and clean?
  16. Are floor surfaces clean, dry, level, and free of worn or frayed seams?
  17. Are carpets well secured to the floor and free of frayed or worn seams?
  18. Is there a fire extinguisher in the home, easily accessible from the office space?
  19. A first aid kit is easily accessible and replenished as needed.
  20. Is there a working (test) smoke detector within hearing distance of the work space?
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