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Best IT Jobs of 2015 - Top 10

IT industry is as dynamic as it gets and even volatile at times like a stock market.  The job market for various fields in IT industry is influenced by by many factors such as economic conditions, politics, changes in regulation and the list can go on.

So which IT job category will be hot for the rest of 2015 and beyond?  Let's take a look at IT Pro Life's Top 10 ranking!

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1. Data Analyst

The appetite for meaningful and insightful reporting has been growing steadily and more rapidly in recently years among companies.  Data Analysts are those who can translate numbers into plain English.  Every company collects data but what they do with it becomes critical success factor in highly competitive marketplace.

2. Business Analyst

A business analyst can close the gap between the technology and business operations/process by analyzing or assessing company's operation and processes.  To be qualified for these positions, you will have be familiar with latest technology.  The number of jobs in this category is growing as the advancement in technology continue to outpace most other industry.

3. Mobile Developer

Mobile application development of iOS and Android has been super hot for a few years already, and it will stay that way for many more years.  For one thing, every website out there today must be either rewritten or updated to be fully compatible with various mobile devices.  I believe about 50% of website traffic will be coming from mobile devices by the end of 2016.

4. Cyber Security Analyst

With the recent headline news regarding suspected cyber hacking by North Korea and the President Obama's speech during State of the Union, it is apparent that Cyber Security is the biggest keyword in IT industry right now.  The current administration is pushing forward with so many new initiative in this area.   We shell see how soon and how many new jobs will be created with the keyword "Cyber Security" attached to them.

5. Solutions Architect

According to Wikipedia, "A Solutions Architect in Information Technology Enterprise Architecture is a practitioner in the field of Solution Architecture.".  Well, that explains why the average salary for solutions architect is upwards of $120,000, and many with nice bonus checks and other perks.  This has to be the ultimate career goal for many of you in IT industry.

6. IT Project Manager

The importance of Project Management in IT industry has skyrocketed in last 5 years or so.  Several organizations have seized that opportunity at the right time to promote their education and certification program.  Having PMP, CPM or MPM typically translate to highly rewarding career advancement.

7. Software Engineer

The need for Software Engineer has always been steadier than most other jobs in IT.  What drives hardware or machinery is software, and it will only get more advanced in the future.  I suspect their will be declining needs for entry level software engineers as the industry gets more matured, and software development become more modularized.

For now, there are plenty of jobs to go around as long as you are competent in one of  the programming language languages such as Java and .Net.

8. Network Engineer

The network infrastructure at major corporations have consolidated and outsourced to major hosting companies operating many central locations throughout the country.  However, a great deal of firms and institutions operate their own data center, necessitating a team of network engineers.

Job outlook for Network Engineers are still fairly good and will be steady for years to come.

9. QA Engineer

Compared to most other mature industries who have adopted highly standardized QC process, IT industry is still at its infancy when it comes to quality control of its output.   It's even more apparent for software companies.

The consumers or end-users are more forgiving of bugs found in software products than a TV for example.  Demand for highly qualified QA engineers will grow steadily.

10. Database Administrator

Database administrator or DBA has been around for a long time, but the job requirement for a typical DBA has changed so much over the years.  DBAs no longer has to spend much of their time mastering all the command-line driven functions to manage the database server.  The focus will be more on high availability and security of the data.

Having a certification is a must to be successful in this job.
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