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Are You a Information Technology Professional?

So who are the IT Professionals?  A professional is someone with specialized educations and/or certifications such as doctors, lawyer and engineers.

Information Technology (IT), according to Wikipedia, is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.

In my opinion, that definition is way to narrow considering today's ever expanding field of IT careers.  Traditional professional fields have been around for many years, and have well established jobs associated with them.  On the other hand IT industry is still at its infancy at a greater scale of things.
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The changes that take place in IT profession in a decade is like a century worth of history in many other professional fields.  That's what sets IT professional apart from other professions - challenges and big rewards often coexist in the life of IT pro.

Take a look at the top most popular career categories in IT field.

Software Engineers

Jobs in this category include programmer, web developer, database designer or anyone who work with a computer programming language

Programmers create software products based on identified market needs, and or specific user requirements. This allows a lot of room for creative ability and innovative thinking while working to specifications and standards.

There are literally more than 1,000 programming languages out there in use today.  That's probably not as many as spoken languages in the world, but may be quiet close.

One of the biggest challenges for people in this career is the constant demand to acquire new knowledge and skills driven by changes in technology and tools.

Hardware Engineers

The Engineers or Hardware Engineers are the oldest profession in IT industry. Engineering specifically has to do with designing and supporting Computer Hardware which include everything from PC, laptop, smartphone, and the latest wearable tech gadgets.

Engineers are often required to be creative even more so than Software Engineer.  Then there are also an array of jobs that require dealing with more routine tasks such as technical support, maintenance staff and QC engineers.

Network Engineers

Cisco is the brand name that first comes to my mind when relating to Network Engineers, but there are just as many specialized careers in this categories as Software and Hardware Engineering.

With the growth of the Internet since 90s, demand for network engineers has exploded to install and manage millions of communications and network equipment throughout the world.

As the importance of Cyber Security reach critical level as it can affect national security and survival of business, there will be even more vacant job positions in the near future.

Data Analysts

When we talk about IT in general, it all comes down to data.  Without data, there is no information technology.  Data typically goes through a cycle of collection, management and dissemination.

That sounds pretty simple and straight forward, but there is a whole lot of science behind it to do it right.  Can you imagine how much data is being collected daily?  Every credit card transactions, phone calls, all activities that takes places on the Internet are all stored in some database.

Database administrator (DBA), data modeler, database programmer, survey designer, data architect, and BI analyst are some of the popular job titles in this category.

Media/Graphics Designers

At first, I was debating whether this category belongs in IT profession, but I do think it does.  Graphics designers use software to create products that relay some form of information.  Without graphics and multimedia elements, we won't have as polished, intuitive and effective IT products.

And More

Then we have hundreds of other professionals that are not specific to IT field, but work in IT industry such QA analyst, project managers, testers and the list can go on.
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